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Decommissioning Programme

CNRI is preparing to permanently cease production from and thereafter decommission the Ninian Northern platform, which is one of three fixed platforms within the Ninian field complex in the East Shetland basin.

As the responsible operator for the Ninian Northern Platform, CNRI is required to submit a Decommissioning Programme to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for review.

and as below:
Ninian Northern Platform Final Decommissioning Programme

In support of the proposed decommissioning solution, CNRI has also carried out a Comparative Assessment, prepared an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and has engaged extensively with Stakeholders. Relevant documentation and reports on these activities is accessible from the Documentation Library tab on this page.

Interested parties are welcome to make comments, post queries or provide feedback on the Ninian Northern Decommissioning Programme using the Contact Us link.



Page updated 8-07-2019
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Reference material and supporting documents Decommissioning Programme Comparative Assessment Report Environmental Statement Stakeholder Consultation Report Independent Review Report