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Supply chain

In planning, preparing and executing the decommissioning of its assets, CNRI will ensure that all contracts are raised and administered in a consistent manner and:

  • Adhere to ethical and health, safety and environmental standards
  • Meet the requirements of legislation and any other relevant external organisations
  • Are processed and awarded within tight and proper controls which will stand up to independent external and internal audit

Throughout the projects, we will also engage with the supply chain to identify cost effective technological solutions that are environmentally acceptable and safe.

The FPAL database is our primary source for establishing tender lists for purchases and services valued at £250,000 and above, although it is often used below this limit. Given the emphasis on FPAL as the main vehicle for tender list determination, companies interested in bidding should ensure that their service listings and company profiles are up-to-date to facilitate pre-qualifications.

Meanwhile, CNRI is working closely with Decom North Sea which has been set up to tackle the main areas of weakness and the bottlenecks which are inhibiting North Sea decommissioning supply-chain capability.

For more information on FPAL and Decom North Sea, click on the logos opposite.


Decom North Sea

Page updated 2-03-2017
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